Air Conditioning Work

We can take care of all your air conditioning needs for you from Designing a system to suit your needs, Supplying a quality system and bringing it to your place to Installing the unit in a neat and professional manner.

Good Design is an important part of any AC installation. Many people trust merely taking room dimensions or a plan into a retail store and having a sales person work out what they need.  

Room Size is only one of the factors involved in choosing an AC unit.  Heat load from windows or room aspect can have a dramatic effect on the size of unit needed, as can building construction on how how easily or well the unit cools & heats the space.

We use our years of experience designing and installing AC systems to work out a layout that takes all aspects of the process into account, meaning we can provide the most efficent, effective and economical outcome for you in the long run. By coming to site we naturally notice and overcome obsacles before they occur.

We can design you a system using any of the different AC style options, Traditional High wall mount, Cassette, Multi-head, ducted, floor mount or concealed bulkhead systems, as the need requires.    

Supplying AC units:
We have well established supply arrangements meaning we can sell a wide range of brands of AC units at competitive prices to the major retailers, with the added benifit that we bring the unit to site and take away the rubbish afterwards.

The main brand we supply and recommend is Mitsubishi Heavy Industires (MHI), as they are arguably the best units on the market (voted by Choice Magazine No.1 based on criteria of Price, Energy Efficency, Quietness, Build quality and user ease).  

MHI are one of the few manufacturers we are aware of offering a full 5 year warranty on machines installed commercially (nearly all are 5 yr Domestic warranty, dropping to 3 or 1 yr commercially). We are also local service/warranty agents for MHI so you have the peace of mind that in the rare occurance that you have an issue with one of their units you know you can have it taken care of with limited fuss, both within the 5 yr warranty period and beyond.  This can be a major issue with most other brands as we are just outside of the metropolitan service area and they can be problematic in getting service people out to them and also some brands offer very poor after sales service support.    


Quality and care taken during the installation can be the difference between your new AC unit giving you many happy years of service or not (in worst cases voiding warranty).   We take pride in taking a bit more care than many in making sure the installation not only works as intended, but also looks as neat & good as possible.