We can help you out with all of your Solar needs from Maintaining your existing solar system to installing a new roof mount or free-standing system for your Home, Business, Farm or Pump.

We can also offer systems which incorporate energy management systems which can further increase the efficiencies from your solar system by maximising the amount of solar you use as it is generated.

The solar industry has gone through some trying times with Feed in tariff changes and uncertainty of government support.  But with power bills still a major factor in all peoples budget and the Government passing legislation with bi partisan commitment to the Renewable Energy Target (RET) we are seeing more people interested in Solar again.  

And why not with it still representing a great investment at 18-30% return per year domestically & 20-40% on commercial systems as the main power usage happens when the sun is up.

Maintenance & Upgrading:
Many people have had solar for a number of years now and so we are starting to see an increase in inverter & isolator failures and replacements.  

One of the things we have discovered in this process is that customers are eligible to create STCs (small-scale technology certificates, used to be known as Renewable Energy Certificates RECs) when they replace their panels.  This is the current system of "rebate" offered and is good news as it has made it more cost effective for customers to upgrade under performing or badly matched panels in their systems.

New Systems:
One of the major issues we have found for customers when choosing a new solar system is what brands are what and who can you trust to inform you.

I like to use the example of Car brands; most of us know what a Mercedes is and that we are going to have to pay more for it than a Toyota, or a Kia or a Cherry.  The issue in the solar world is that the brands don't mean much to different people and so we have had a lot of people get sold a Cherry for a Mercedes price thinking they are getting a high quality system or sold a Mercedes for twice what it is worth.  Solar holds true to the age old saying "you get what you pay for".  People know what they are getting themselves into when they pay half what a Toyota is worth to get a Cherry, or pay Twice as much as the Toyota to get a Mercedes with all of the bells and whistles.  But then you need to trust the dealer that what they are selling is what they say it is. 

One of the good advantages of living and doing business in a small community is that we all have to treat each other with a certain amount of respect.  As a local business who relies on our local reputation and repeat customers we have a built in accountability to offer good service and good products.  This is something we take seriously and spend a good amount of time researching products we are going to recommend as we don't want our customers to be mucked around by bad products and have that experience reflect badly on us.  So we have spent a lot of time working out what is worth owning in regards to solar systems and how much it is worth spending.

We have a good handle on brands of different components and can make recommendations you can trust as we plan to be here for years to come, as apposed to many of the solar companies who have been and gone over the last few years.

In our experience it is worth spending a little more on a quality solar system so that you get maximum yield, longest life span and least amount of fuss.

We have put together a number of systems for people to chose from.  
Our Medium Systems are Good quality systems from reputable brands and represent a good balance of affordability and quality.  For reasons already stated we don't do low end systems as we don't believe they are a good use of peoples money and they are highly likely to cause issues.  Also low end systems are only suited to high turnover businesses that are throwing in systems quickly with no thought to ongoing customer relationships.  We want to sell a system and then be doing work for its owner for the next 10 years and each time we are there check the system and be glad at how well it is doing.

Our High Quality Systems use Top Shelf inverters (SMA or Fronius Brands) coupled with High Quality Q Cells Mono Crystalline Panels.  

And then above this we Offer the Premier Q Cells or LG Mono Crystalline Panels which are Elite panels for build quality, efficiency and output, which we couple to Fronius or SMA Inverters. These Panels have 25 product warranty as well as class leading 25 yr Performance warranty also.

We are also able to do systems using high quality Enphase Micro Inverters, where each panel has its own micro inverter under it and then those micro inverters all talk to a central monitoring hub and let the user know what they are doing.  These systems are great if you have a shading issue where there is shade that causes a reduction in sunlight on panels at certain times of day or year.
Micro inverter systems have: 
* Highest yields in Shade situations.  
* Easy to add additional capacity to in the future usually in lots of 1kW at a time.   
* Perfect in situations where you don't have a good location for the inverter.

Ask us for a price on a Quality Solar Installation.  Great Brands installed with Care.

Ensure you are getting the best out of your existing solar installation by having us test the output of the system.  Various things can limit the performance over time.  Dirty panels, blown string fuses and more. We provide Solar system Washing and Testing services to help you get the most out of your system for years to come.


Hybrid & Off-Grid Systems:  

Due to the ever changing landscape in the world of solar batteries we have developed good working relationships with Specialists dealing with these facets of the solar industry day in and day out.  Get in contact if you are wanting to discuss an Off grid or Hybrid solar setup and we can get you a system happening that can meet your needs.


There are a number of different ways Hybrid solar systems work with some just drawing on their battery to smooth out your night time load and others operating like a full off-grid system while still being grid connected, automatically changing over to battery if the grid goes off.