TV Antennas

We can help you with all of your TV Antenna & Cabling needs: New antenna & Cabling systems, Additional points, Replacement antennas, fault finding & Repair And also full MATV systems for full Motels or complex home TV requirements.

We have a good range of quality Digital TV antennas in stock and ready to go.

Often we come across people who are putting up with very bad TV Signal just because they believe that is how it has to be as we live in a rural area.  While there are some reception black spots, we have a number of solutions available to us that will bring a significant improvement to your old signal.

While you might be able to pick up the digital signal on your old antenna and coax cabling, modern TV antennas are designed specifically for Digital signal and are much smaller while still gaining better signal than their chunky fore fathers, often with out the need for boosters or high masts.

Also modern Quad shielded Coax cable is far superior to older coax cable in transferring digital TV signal with minimum interference (which causes pixilation to the picture and audio pops & clicks).

So let us take a look at your Antenna and cabling a we might be able to give you better picture with little or no interference with a smaller mast and antenna.